ASTRIAGraph Compliance

In order for near-earth space to be safe, secure, and sustainable, we must gather a body of evidence for measurable transparency, accountability, and predictability! The need for Space Domain Awareness doesn’t end with quantifying collision risks, or even possible threats and hazards, but in monitoring resident space object behavior(s) in the context of space treaties, laws, policies, guidelines, etc. and providing independently corroborated evidence of compliance and non-compliance with these. If space laws are to be enforced, they must be measurable. We must be able to assess who complies or doesn’t, and for those who comply, what this means in terms of implementation. Only then is the idea of enforcement even possible. To that end we have taken initial pragmatic steps in quantifying compliance and non-compliance by evaluating anthropogenic space objects for the UN COPUOS LTS Guidelines on GEO Disposal as well as the UN Convention on Registration of Objects Launched into Outer Space.

Can a space domain digital library, such as ASTRIAGraph, be queried to address this assessment, and then can we scale this to others?

This ASTRIA web-based service allows you, any user, to do this assessment against both GEO Disposal guidelines and Space Object Registration, as a proof of concept.

Example ASTRIAGraph Compliance Queries

Query Description Execute Query
List 100 GEO Disposal compliant space object records
List 100 GEO Disposal non-compliant space object records
Show All Space Objects Registered with the UN since the year '2010'